The iconic rocking chair is a souvenir that guests can purchase and take home with them from the hostel. It is made out of sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo and requires assembly by the guest themselves. This unique souvenir not only serves as a tangible reminder of the hostel experience, but also promotes sustainability and community-building among guests.

When it comes to hostels, creating a memorable experience for guests is essential. From unique amenities to local experiences, hostels strive to differentiate themselves from traditional hotels and create a unique atmosphere that guests will remember long after their stay. One way to achieve this is by offering guests the opportunity to purchase an iconic souvenir that they can take home and remember the concept of the hostel. In our case, the iconic souvenir is a rocking chair made out of bamboo that guests can build themselves.

Why is an iconic souvenir important?

An iconic souvenir is important because it serves as a tangible reminder of the hostel experience. Guests can take the souvenir home and display it, reminding them of the hostel’s unique atmosphere and their stay there. This is especially important for hostels that cater to backpackers and other budget travelers, who are often looking for unique experiences and are more likely to remember and recommend a hostel that provides them.

In addition, an iconic souvenir can serve as a conversation starter for guests. When they display the souvenir in their home or office, it can spark a conversation about their travels and the hostel where they obtained it. This can lead to new connections and friendships, and can even result in more bookings for the hostel as guests recommend it to their friends and family.

Why a rocking chair made out of bamboo?

The choice of a rocking chair made out of bamboo as the iconic souvenir is deliberate. Bamboo is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. By offering a souvenir made out of bamboo, the hostel can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, which is important to many travelers.

In addition, the act of building the rocking chair oneself is an important part of the experience. By building the chair, guests are actively participating in the hostel experience, which can make it more meaningful and memorable. It also provides a sense of accomplishment and pride in the finished product, which can be a powerful motivator for guests to recommend the hostel to others.

How to implement the iconic souvenir in the hostel experience?

Implementing the iconic souvenir into the hostel experience is simple. The rocking chairs can be displayed throughout the hostel, providing a visual reminder of the souvenir and serving as an advertisement for it. Guests can then purchase the rocking chair and assemble it themselves, with instructions provided by the hostel. This process not only provides guests with a memorable experience, but also helps to reduce waste by encouraging the reuse of materials.

It’s also important to promote the iconic souvenir on the hostel’s website and social media channels. This can help to attract travelers who are looking for unique experiences and may be more likely to book a stay at the hostel if they know they can take home a memorable souvenir.


Offering an iconic souvenir for guests to take home is an important part of creating a memorable hostel experience. The choice of a rocking chair made out of bamboo not only serves as a sustainable and eco-friendly option, but also provides guests with an opportunity to participate in the hostel experience by building the chair themselves. By promoting the iconic souvenir and encouraging guests to take it home and display it, hostels can create a powerful marketing tool that not only serves as a reminder of their unique atmosphere, but also helps to attract new guests and create a sense of community among travelers.

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