How booking behaviour for hostels changed

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Over the last year, the booking behavior for hostels has undergone a significant change, with travelers moving away from classic channels such as OTAs, travel associations, and tour operators towards specialized youth travel booking channels like and youth travel trade shows. This shift can be attributed to several factors, including changing travel patterns, the rise of social media, and the increased popularity of budget travel.

Check in… Check out… and all that administration… How it should be…

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We take digitalisation seriously, you will not find a reception desk. But don't worry, if you need anything come to our host desk. Somebody (maybe a robot) will be there 24/7. Here we describe our digital-first approach to guest services, which means guests will not find a traditional reception desk, but can rely on a host desk staffed by a real person or a robot available 24/7 for any assistance. The digital amenities include self-check-in kiosks, digital room keys, an app to order food, book tours, and handle administrative elements such as cleaning requests and checkout. This approach aims to provide a streamlined and personalised service, reduce operating costs, and create a welcoming environment for all guests, regardless of their preference for traditional or digital solutions.

Storing and Washing the guests most precious

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If our guests bring more luggage or just brought too much on their shopping trip? NO WORRIES we got them covered. Digitalized storing and washing facilities are becoming increasingly important in modern hostels. They offer convenience, efficiency, hygiene, and comfort for guests, and can also help to attract and retain customers and streamline operations for hostel staff. Overall, digitalized facilities enhance the overall guest experience and are an essential aspect of modern hostels.

Why we have a self-service bakery instead of a classic breakfast buffet

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Self-service bakeries offer a more personalized, healthy, and cost-effective breakfast experience. Guests can choose exactly what they want to eat, reducing food waste and saving time for both guests and staff. Self-service bakeries also encourage social interaction among guests, creating a more communal and social breakfast experience. However, the decision to offer a self-service bakery or a classic breakfast buffet will depend on various factors, including the goals and priorities of the hostel, the preferences of guests, and the resources and capabilities of the hostel itself.

A Mongolian Grill Restaurant integrated into our hostel

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This concept explores the idea of integrating a Mongolian Grill restaurant into a hostel to create a unique dining and accommodation experience for travelers. The restaurant would offer guests the opportunity to create their own stir-fry dishes using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The hostel would have a range of communal spaces, providing guests with a cozy and relaxing space to rest and socialize. The hostel's central location and travel advice services would allow guests to explore the city and discover hidden gems. The integration of the restaurant into the hostel also presents an opportunity to support local farmers and food producers and promote cultural exchange among travelers. This concept has the potential to attract a wide range of travelers and create a memorable travel experience that combines food, culture, and accommodation.

Why a Bar was always and will alwas be a great place in a hostel

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This blog post highlights why a bar is always and will always be a great place in a hostel. It mentions the socializing opportunities, affordability of drinks, cultural experiences, convenience, safety, information hub, party atmosphere, and memories that can be made at a hostel bar. These reasons make the hostel bar an excellent place for travelers to relax, have fun, and meet new people.

The Idea of a Self-Service Mini Market in our hostel

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A self-service mini market can be a beneficial addition to a hostel by providing convenience to guests and generating additional revenue for the business. However, hostels should carefully consider the location, target market, size and space, staffing, and security factors before implementing a mini market. Hostels should also be mindful of the potential risks and challenges such as theft, maintenance, and restocking, and develop a plan to address them.

Our Iconic “Rocking Chair” and why it is important

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The iconic rocking chair is a souvenir that guests can purchase and take home with them from the hostel. It is made out of sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo and requires assembly by the guest themselves. This unique souvenir not only serves as a tangible reminder of the hostel experience, but also promotes sustainability and community-building among guests.

Loyalty System for our Hostels: A Simple Guide

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this article discussed a simple and effective loyalty system for hostels that can increase guest satisfaction and loyalty. The loyalty system is based on giving guests a free night's stay for every 20 nights they stay at the hostel, with the number of points earned per night depending on the category of bed they book. Guests can redeem their points for a credit towards their future stays, with the amount of credit depending on the category of bed they book. It's important to note that while the figures presented in this article provide a general idea of how the system works, the actual figures used may vary depending on the hostel's specific needs and circumstances.

Our Emplyees… Our Colleagues… Become Friends… Become Family….

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Hostel employees who possess attributes such as being local originals, rough around the edges, unconventional, interactive with guests, and responsible users of free space can create a unique and unforgettable experience for guests. Hostels should prioritize employee well-being and job satisfaction to create a supportive and nurturing environment, which can translate into a better experience for guests. By recognizing and supporting the unique attributes of their employees, hostels can create a culture of excellence and innovation, providing guests with a truly memorable experience.

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