If meeting other people in your holiday sounds good to you, and saving some money on your accommodation sound maybe even better, you should definitly include a hostel in your next trip.

Every hostel or hostel brand is unique, so the differences between hostels and hotels are not always clear-cut.
Usually, hostels share features that you don’t find in a hotel.
1) Most bedrooms are designed as dorms, i.e. you share your bedroom with other guests. In a dorm, you may find eight, ten or maybe sixteen beds. Usually, you will find high beds in this kind of room. Sometimes, a shared bedroom accommodates females and males (i.e. mixed dorm).
2) A hostel benefits from shared facilities. For instance, several bedrooms may share a common bathroom. Or a community kitchen and a single living room are the core of attention for all guests.
3) Do-it-yourself is king: You can prepare your meal by yourself in the community kitchen. You have to change the linen on your bed and prepare your coffee in the morning together with other guests. Affordability comes at a price: you have to do your share.
4) Affordability is important. Hostels are usually much cheaper than a hotel. The costs are lower for the hostel owner, since resources are shared by more guests, standards for equipment are lower and less service is expected.
5) Togetherness is key of the concept. The odds are good that you meet open-minded people in a hostel. It is easy to meet new people, find new friends (at least for a couple of days) and spend the evening with other guests.

Hostels can be found basically everywhere nowadays, in major towns, cities and on other tourist destinations. Accordingly, there are many good reasons to give it a try and spend somte time in a hostel instead of a hotel.

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