How to behave in a hostel

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The article discusses the dos and don'ts of behavior in a hostel. It emphasizes respecting others' privacy, keeping common areas clean, being friendly and open-minded, keeping noise levels down, and not engaging in inappropriate behavior. The article also highlights the importance of being responsible while using drugs or alcohol and not smoking inside the hostel. By following these etiquettes, one can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable hostel experience.

Sustainability is key: Why hostels are a great way to travel sustainably

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This article discusses the importance of sustainable travel in the face of climate change and how hostels can contribute to it. It highlights the benefits of hostels, including sharing resources, convenient locations, communal kitchens, and the rise of eco-hostels. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of conscious travel, where travellers can focus on experiencing local culture and connecting with other travellers while reducing their environmental impact. Overall, the article promotes the idea that hostels are an excellent way to travel sustainably and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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